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CEVA Extends Partnership With Anna Hennings

By CEVA, 09/18/23, 7:30AM PDT


The Columbia Empire Volleyball Association (CEVA) has agreed to a two-year partnership extension with Anna Hennings, solidifying a collaboration that began in 2022.

With her M.A. in sport psychology, Anna Hennings is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant® (CMPC) based in Portland who specializes in mental performance coaching for indoor volleyball and beach volleyball players. She works virtually with clients in the Pacific Northwest and across the country.  As part of the partnership, CEVA members are entitled to 10% off their first mental performance coaching package.  Anna has also committed a contribution to the CEVA Athlete Success Fund (CASF).

The mental side of being an athlete is often talked about but rarely trained, especially at the youth level. Anna is passionate about changing that by providing elite mental training to youth volleyball players in our community. Mental performance coaching isn’t just for pro athletes and Olympians. The sooner you begin to learn about, develop, and integrate mental skills into your game, the sooner you can take advantage of their benefits, both on and off the court. 

Anna offers mental performance coaching sessions for athletes and teams who want to develop and strengthen their mental game, to help them play how they want, when they want. As a CMPC, Anna is trained and credentialed to work with athletes to address optimizing their mindset with skills to help them thrive in their sport. These strategies can include learning how to:

  • Stop over-thinking
  • Clear mental blocks
  • Let go of mistakes
  • Navigate perfectionism
  • Silence self-criticism
  • Rekindle motivation
  • Thrive under pressure
  • Communicate effectively
  • Regain lost confidence
  • Balance student-athlete demands

Coaching can occur in 1-on-1 meetings, in small groups, and through team workshops. Curious to learn more about mental performance coaching for you, your child, your team, or your club? Get in touch with Anna to learn more.  You can:

Schedule a free introductory meeting with Anna here

Email her directly -

Read more on her website

CEVA members are entitled to 10% off their first mental performance coaching package.


Published 9/18/2023

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