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This general election for the Columbia Empire Region Board of Directors is being held to fill four membership-elected positions on the current BOD.  The positions are described below.  

All full adult members of the CEVA region are eligible to vote in this election, so long as they are 18 or older and designated as a full adult member at the time of their registration.  These individuals will receive a link to an electronic ballot.  Full adult members of the region include coaches, club directors, adult players, and limited adult members (such as officials, team representatives, and chaperones).  Adults with single-event memberships are not eligible to vote.

Information about the existing BOD & Committees, as well as the nomination process, can be found at

Questions pertaining to this election may be directed to our office via e-mail.

Staff Contact

Board & Committees
Cody March - Executive Director


March 31 - Deadline for self-nomination forms to be submitted for member-elected BOD positions.

April 19 - All full adult members registered by 3:00 PM on this date will receive a ballot.

April 26 - Ballots will be distributed to full adult members of the region.

May 6 - Election closes at 3:00 PM.


Junior Boys' Rep - chair of the Junior Boys' Committee, which is responsible for maintaining and developing policies and procedures surrounding junior boys' programming.  Focuses on growth, development of events, and expansion of opportunities. 

Adult Rep - chair of the Adult Committee.  Responsible for developing grassroots programming for adults in the region.  

Geographic Rep - Serves as a voice for clubs and members outside of the more populus areas of the region.  Works with the CEVA office to develop programming opportunities for members in rural and underserved areas.    

Parent Rep (One-Year Term) - Serves as a voice for parents of players in the region.  Does not chair a committee.