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Latest updates & newest information highlighted in yellow.

This information is tentative and subject to change with or without notice.

CEVA's latest COVID-19 & Risk Mitigation Plan can be found on our dedicated COVID-19 page

Please ensure you read and understand CEVA's refund policy



CEVA has made the decision to postpone all Power League play through January.  Read the full release here.


The Junior Girls Committee has tentatively scheduled the CEVA Bid Tournament for the 15s-18s divisions on Saturday, February 20th.  Bid Tournament dates for the 11s-14s will be determined at a later date.  More information and registration can be found here.


CEVA is aware of the season date changes announced by the WIAA on January 6th.  Our staff is evaluating the new schedule as it compares to our existing schedule, as well as our facility contracts, and will make a determination on the best path forward.  Expect an announcement this Friday regarding our season's schedule moving forward.


As of now, we anticipate opening scholarship applications on Monday, December 7th at 9:00 AM via our website.  This will include applications to the CEVA Memorial Scholarship Fund and the CEVA #VolleyTheChange Scholarship Fund.  Please visit our dedicated Scholarships page for more information.  Deadline for scholarship applications will be Friday, January 29th at 5:00 PM.

We anticipate scholarship applications to be very competitive this year and that need will outpace the funds we have available.


Reminder:  in order for sanctioning and USAV insurance to cover an event, the event must meet the most strict health & safety guidelines in the locality in which it's taking place, at the time of the event. 

Parents:  ask questions of your club director or administrator if you are unsure if insurance will apply to an event your student-athlete is participating in. 


Both Oregon and Washington have put out guidance recently outlining new restrictions on businesses, social gatherings, and sporting events.

State of Washington:  On January 5th, Governor Inslee announced a new system of reopening metrics for Washington that classifies the state into regions.  CEVA's four Washington counties are all part of the "SW Region" of the state.  Previous metrics were measured county-by-county, so instead of looking at data from 4 different counties, we now only need to look at data from 1 "region." 

Guidance posted on January 11th indicates volleyball and other moderate-risk sports can train in stable pods of 6 in the State of Washington.  Please read the full guidance here.  Contact your local health department for further information. 

State of Oregon:  It is our current interpretation and understanding that indoor sports and recreation, including volleyball training, games, practices, tryouts, camps, clinics, etc are not permitted under the guidelines in place in "Extreme Risk" counties.  USAV sanctioning and insurance would not be in place for these activities in "Extreme Risk" counties.

Oregon-based clubs in counties deemed anything other than "Extreme Risk" should contact their county health authorities to determine what activities are permitted under the new guidelines. 

Read more on the following pages:

Governor's Website
OHA Website & Data Dashboards

If new information or guidance becomes available, we will update this page appropriately.

Virtual activities are still allowed and can be sanctioned through USAV & CEVA.  It is our interpretation (currently) that outdoor activities could still also be allowed.

Please don't hesitate to contact the CEVA office by e-mail ( or and we will be happy to discuss these new guidelines with you, our interpretations of them, and the next steps for you as a club.


Clubs may activate at any time.  Activation is required for clubs to be granted certificates of insurance for the upcoming season or to request event sanctioning.  Activation is also required for registration in any CEVA-owned events.


We are planning for the 16s and 18s division to play a split season. 

We are planning for the 12s and 14s to begin play on February 28th.  Their season will run through at least the end of the high school season. 

As of now, we are planning on playing Power League primarily on Sundays due to facility availability and conflicts.  We will expand to Saturdays later in the season.

CEVA does have multiple contingency dates built into our current schedule.  These dates would be later in the season (i.e. April & May) and would be used to reschedule tournaments from early in the year if necessary. 


Age waivers, boy on girls’ team waivers (“BOGT waivers”), and club coversheets will also be available beginning Monday, December 7th at 9:00 AM on the CEVA website. 

Age waivers and BOGT waivers will have a rolling deadline through the season, in recognition of differing start times for clubs.  In order for a waiver to be considered for a weekend tournament, the waiver will be due in the CEVA office no later than 5:00 PM on Wednesday prior to the weekend the player wishes to participate. 


Power League registration for 16s & 18s will begin on Monday, December 7th at 9:00 AM via a form on the CEVA website.  The deadline to register has been extended to Friday, January 8th at 5:00 PM.

We continue to evaluate implementation of a mechanism that would allow teams to join Power League in mid-year.  This is not as easy as simply "plugging them into" Power League - they must be placed appropriately so they have the most beneficial experience.  More information will be posted here when we have it.

For the 16s and 18s, the cost per team in Power League will be $600.00. 

For the 12s and 14s, the cost per team in Power League will be $700.00.

As of now, Power League registration for 12s & 14s will begin on Monday, January 25th at 9:00 AM via a form on the CEVA website.  The deadline to register will be Monday, February 8th at 5:00 PM. 

At this time, CEVA believes that enough court space will be available to accommodate all teams who wish to register for Power League.  While unforeseen circumstances may occur (i.e. facilities shutting down), as of now we are comfortable with our facility space.


Power League will be played in wave formats this year.  This means that, as of now, we are planning on each team playing 3 matches in a 4-team pool (most likely) then being done for the day.  There will be no "crossovers" after pool play. 

In case of odd numbers in Power League, the CEVA office will format tournaments so each team is guaranteed as many playable sets as possible.

Go to wave formatting, with no crossovers, has several logistical advantages.  This includes spending less time in an enclosed environment.  It also means CEVA has more access to facilities in case we need flexibility and increases our per-court capacity. 


The tentative plan is to split Power League into two "tiers" of play.  The top tier - called Power League 1 - will have a finite capacity and will be designed for higher-level teams (generally those teams who would be in the Platinum, Gold, or Silver Divisions).  This tier of PL would operate independently of the other "tiers" and would always play in the same place (ideally, this will be in Portland).

The second tier of Power League - called Power League 2 - will be split into "Area Leagues."  We anticipate having at least a "Northern" and "Southern" area league.  We are working on also creating a Central Oregon league and a SW Washington area league, depending on facility availability.  The goal with these leagues is to keep teams more localized so travel demands in the midst of a pandemic are reduced. 

Clubs will sign up for their desired PL tier in advance during their registration process.  If more teams sign up for Power League 1 than capacity allows, the Junior Girls Committee would be tasked with determining who gets into that tier initially.  The tentative plan is to have a mechanism in place whereby the highest-rated team from each PL2 "Area League" would move up to the top Power League tier, however this is not finalized. 

As of now, we have no Power League play scheduled over MLK weekend or Presidents Day weekend.  We do not anticipate that changing.


CEVA will register all teams for Power League in AES.

All other tournaments (i.e. Presidents Day, Friendship Tournaments, Regionals) are registered for through AES directly by the clubs. 

CEVA is not responsible for any sort of technical support in AES for clubs.  It is the responsibility of the clubs to understand how the registration process in AES works and their own account information (i.e. user names, passwords, etc).  CEVA does not have access to password or user name information for individuals in AES.

In many cases, payment will be required for acceptance into tournaments (i.e. Presidents Day, Friendship Tournaments). 


The most desirable outcome for events this year is to run them with spectators in attendance.  We know how important it is for families to be able to watch their athletes participate.  However, at this time, we are planning for events to be run without spectators at least at the start of the season.  This is due to current guidelines in place pertaining to large gatherings. 

When considering the maximum number of people allowed in a facility, we must consider not only players and coaches, but spectators, tournament staff (like officials), and facility staff.  To allow for the maximum number of teams to be in a venue (and to therefore maximize opportunities afforded to players), we may be forced to make difficult decisions about personnel and guests.  At CEVA, we believe it is our primary mission to provide opportunities for players to play, not necessarily for spectators to watch. 

We will be working with each individual facility, as well as local health authorities, to determine what we can and cannot allow.  We anticipate this policy to be in place through, at a minimum, January and February.

CEVA has announced a partnership with BallerTV that will bring live-streaming services to both Presidents Day and Regionals.  We are working to potentially expand that partnership to Power League, however there are numerous logistics involved in that expansion.  Read more about the partnership here.


CEVA-run tournaments (i.e. Power League, Presidents Day, CEVA-owned Friendship Tournaments, etc) will be moving to the use of AES rosters to minimize touch points and shared contact.  As of now, we plan on having a roster deadline of 48 hours prior to each event – meaning rosters must be uploaded into AES 48 hours prior to the start of the tournament.

CEVA uses AES to register teams for a number of our events.  It is the responsibility of the club director to know their AES user names and passwords and to understand the process by which teams are registered and accepted into these tournaments.


As of now, we are planning to host Regionals on June 11-13, 2021 at the Portland Expo Center.  This will be a one-weekend, three-day event.  Format has not been determined at this time and we are currently working to determine if all age groups would play on each of the three days.

Regionals registration will open at 9:00 AM on Monday, March 1st via AES.


CEVA and PSR have made the mutual decision to cancel Platinum League for the 16s and 18s in the 2020-2021 season.