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Along with all USOPC National Governing Bodies, USA Volleyball has adopted the Safesport program as required education for members, which includes all affiliated adults as well as juniors who are 18 or turning 18 during a season in which they have minor teammates. 

2020-2021 SafeSport Policies:

  • Per the MAAPP policies, Safesport will be an annual certification.  We encourage you to wait until after September 1st (new membership season) to complete your Safesport requirements for the upcoming season.
  • Per the MAAPP policies, athletes who are 18, or who turn 18 during the season, will be required to complete the Core Safesport training.  This must be done either before the athlete turns 18, or immediately upon turning 18.  Athletes will not be permitted to participate if they are 18 and do not have Safesport.  CEVA recommends all athletes 17-years-old or older take Safesport prior to the season to prevent a disruption in their participation. 
  • For minors, a parental consent waiver will be presented when signing up for a membership.  If the minor decides to take Safesport, the SportsEngine system will not show the player as eligible to participate until the course is completed, regardless of age.
  • We strongly encourage you to read the MAAPP policies published by USAV using the link below.
  • Team managers under 18 in the CEVA region do NOT have to complete a Safesport certification.  However, once managers turn 18, they must complete a Background Screen and Safesport certification within 30 calendar days.


When you purchase a membership in SportsEngine, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with instructions on how to complete Safesport.  Juniors who are 18 or turning 18 during the time they are participating should ensure they select the age-appropriate membership during the purchase process. 

1 - It can take up to 24 hours for your Safesport certification to be updated once you complete the courses.  Do not attempt this certification at the last minute - for example, don't do this coursework on a Friday night before a Saturday morning tournament.  Your certification may not update in time for you to be put on a roster.
2 - At the end the course, you have the option to download a certificate of completion.  Please download and keep for your records.  If there is a question about if you've completed the course, these certificates can offer proof.
3 - A valid Safesport certification means that you have completed all of the modules within the training.  Completion of anything less than the full course does not grant certification. 


Cody March
Executive Director



Please note that there are a number of options and requirements to report abuse.  Report to law enforcement immediately if you are aware of abuse. If abuse includes sexual misconduct report to both law enforcement and the U.S. Center for SafeSport.  Out of respect for the importance of this issue and to encourage honest and effective reporting, knowingly making a false or malicious report will not be tolerated and may be a violation of USA Volleyball’s Code of Conduct.

Please be aware of your state's mandatory reporting laws, as well as the mandatory reporting policies outlined by Safesport. 

Filing an anonymous report may hinder our ability, or the ability of the Center, to investigate your report, and may also not provide evidence that you discharged your mandatory reporting duties.