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When purchasing an individual membership, there are two components – the portion of membership dues that go to CEVA, and the portion that goes to USA Volleyball.  When a membership is purchased, this refund policy is acknowledged and agreed to by the member and/or their parent/guardian.  This policy only applies to the membership purchased with CEVA/USAV and does not apply to any financial obligations between a family and their club.

The portion of a membership cost that comes to CEVA is non-refundable

A player who purchases a membership, but does not make a team during tryouts, is not eligible to have their membership refunded.  CEVA strongly recommends the purchase of a tryout membership until the athlete is assured of a place on a team (at which point they must upgrade to a full-season membership).

Regardless of the situation surrounding a refund, credit card processing fees are always non-refundable

The portion of a membership that goes to USAV is governed by USAV’s refund policy, outlined below:

  • Full memberships may be eligible to receive a refund of national registration fees.  Cancellation requests must be received within 45 days of purchase.
  • Limited memberships are not eligible to receive a refund of national registration fees, insurance or processing fees.

USA Volleyball will only consider its refund if the region provided the individual a full refund on region membership fees.

The following guidelines will be used in the calculation of a refund amount:

  • If the member participated in a USAV sanctioned program or event, then national registration fees are refunded, less insurance and credit card processing fees.
  • If the member did NOT participate in any USAV sanctioned program or event, then member is entitled to a full refund of all fees. 

No refunds will be issued when an entire USA Volleyball membership season and/or any portion thereof is canceled or interrupted for any reason.

Other CEVA and/or USA Volleyball sanctioned programs and events may utilize different cancellation policies. Please read individual event information thoroughly.

CEVA and USA Volleyball reserve the right to make exceptions to this policy at their sole discretion


Alix Montoya - Director of Region Services