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To access the Learning Management System (LMS) through the Litmos platform, where the training modules will be housed, please follow these steps:

1) Log into your SportsEngine account - click here to be taken to the log-in screen.
2) Click on "Household"
3) Click on the profile card of the member wishing to access training.
4) Click on "View Details" link that's part of the membership card.
5) Click on the blue "USAV Academy" button at the top right of the screen.


There are four courses specifically designed for junior players.  They are numbered as follows:

CE23_012 USAV Jr. R2 Training
CE23_013 USAV Jr. Line Judge Training
CE23_014 USAV Jr. Scorer Training
CE23_015 USAV Jr. Asst Scorer / Libero Tracker Training

Juniors do not need to take any of the "200" level or higher courses.

Coaches need to take CE23_150 Coaches Officiating Training and are advised to take the four juniors' courses as well.


These modules contain every course offered in USAV Academy.  These modules are not required to be completed.  They may also be called "The Whole Shebang" modules.


Referee Courses & USAV Academy
Alix Montoya - Director of Region Services


Teams defined as a 15s team or older are required to have 1 certified scorekeeper, 1 certified assistant scorekeeper, 1 certified R2, 1 certified adult R1, and 2 certified line judges per team.

Teams defined as a 14s team or younger are required to have 2 certified scorekeepers, 2 certified assistant scorekeepers, 2 certified R2s, 1 certified adult R1, and 4 certified line judges per team.

For all CEVA-sanctioned tournaments at the 12s level, teams are required to provide either a score-certified rostered adult or a score-certified junior player at least 15 years of age to help the table crew.  This is in addition to providing the required R1.  This individual can be a coach or older player from another team and must be able to provide proof of membership and eligibility.

Teams who exhibit a low proficiency as a work team may be reported to the office by their head officials.  These teams will be considered "on notice" and may be required to engage in additional training.  Teams who continue to exhibit low proficiency after being placed on notice may be subject to fines.

Occasionally, clubs make it a requirement for all members to complete ref/score training.  This is not a CEVA requirement, but individual clubs are free to have these requirements if they choose.  CEVA does not prevent players from participation simply because they aren't ref/score certified.