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FEBRUARY 19-21, 2022


bob keefer center - springfield, or


Logo by M. Musser - Aspire NW


Teams are encouraged to show their red/white/blue spirit throughout the weekend, particularly on Monday.  As a reminder, you may not use glitter or anything else that may get on the floor.  Also, numbers must still be visible and within regulations, and liberos must still be in clearly contrasting colors.


Work teams are expected to provide an R2, table crew, and line judges.  An R1 will be provided on all matches.


The full schedule will be posted on Thursday, February 17.

14s - AM Waves (8:00 AM start each day)
16s - PM Waves (3:00 PM start Sat/Sun, 1:30 PM start Mon)

*Monday schedule subject to change.  CEVA reserves the right to alter Monday's PM schedule and match formats based on facility usage and to ensure teams are able to leave at a reasonable time.




Acceptance into the tournaments is based on the timestamp of your registration in AES, and whether or not you have paid the registration fee.

This tournament accepts payments on an "OK To Pay" model. 

If your team registers for an event and they fall within the tournament capacity, the CEVA staff will change the team’s status from “Pending” to “OK To Pay” in AES.  This will open up the payment portal for you.  Once this status changes, you will have 48 hours to submit payment.  Once payment is submitted, your status will be changed to “Accepted.”  Failure to submit payment within 48 hours will result in your registration being rejected and your team being moved to the bottom of the waiting list. 

Registration for events is still first-come, first-served.  The timestamp of your registration in AES still matters under this policy. 


Teams who register, pay, and are accepted will have until 3:00 PM on Friday, February 11th to cancel and receive a refund of their entry fees.  Teams who cancel an accepted registration after that date will receive no refund of any kind. 


Both the 14s and 16s divisions will be tentatively capped at 40 teams.  If local restrictions cause this number to be reduced, teams will be contacted as soon as possible.  Teams who registered and paid first will be given priority, in the order of registration, for acceptance if this happens.


The CEVA office does not have access to the individual AES accounts of clubs.  It is your responsibility to understand how to access AES and how to register for events.  The CEVA office also does not control the technical capabilities of the AES system.


Entry fee for this tournament is currently set at $500.00 per team.  Payments are accepted through AES and are a requirement of acceptance into the event.  There is a processing fee associated with payments through AES, which is a pass-through cost and does not come to CEVA.