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Please continue to monitor this website for the latest information on CEVA's 2021 Power League.  This site will be constantly updated as we learn new information or make any changes.  Changes can be made with or without notice.  We appreciate your patience, adaptability, and support of our student-athletes.

Please continue to check the AES schedule leading up to your tournament date.


Next Event:  Power League Qualifier - Saturday, 4/24/2021
4/24 Schedule & Locations Announced:  By 3:00 PM on Wednesday, 4/14/2021
Following Event:  Power League 1 - Saturday, 5/1/2021


Next Event:  Power League 1 - Saturday, 5/1/2021
PL1 Schedule Posted:  By 3:00 PM on Tuesday, 4/27/2021
Schedule, Locations, Results:  Posted on AES


Next Event:  Power League 1 - Sunday, 4/25/2021
PL1 Schedule Posted:  By 3:00 PM on Tuesday, 4/20/2021
Schedule, Locations, Results:  Posted on AES


Next Event:  Power League Qualifier - Sunday, 4/18/2021
Schedule, Locations, Results:  Posted on AES
Following Event:  Power League 1 - Sunday, 5/2/2021


As of 4/12 at 11:00 AM:  We do not anticipate the entry limits listed below to change for the 4/18 Power League Qualifier (18s). 

- No limit on junior athletes entering facilities.
- Limit of 3 rostered adults per team in the facility at any single time.
- No spectators in any facilities. 

Teams and personnel who are not playing a match or working a match must leave the facility. 

Update as of 4/12:  Teams who are found to be bringing more adults in than allowed will be subject to a loss of 5 points on their next played set, a $250 fine, and possible sanction against the coach and/or club director.   We cannot afford to lose facilities, especially this year, and it takes all of us following rules in order to ensure we can continue to use the facilities who are providing space for kids to play.

Facilities will open between 7:15 - 7:30 for participants in the first scheduled matches in the AM wave.  For the remainder of the AM wave, please do not enter facilities until no more than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled start time.  PM wave participants should not plan on entering a facility until at least 2:30 PM. 


Clubs must have rosters built in their SportsEngine Governing Seasons by 12:00 PM on Thursday prior to a weekend tournament.  After that time, the CEVA office will check rosters and then send them to tournament directors, officials, and facilities.  You do not need to bring a printed roster to Power League.  We are not worried about you uploading rosters in AES at this time, due to several issues we've encountered with the two systems integrating data correctly.  Clubs have been sent instructions on how to build rosters and what to check for in case of errors.


Masks are required to be worn in all facilities, at all times, by all participants.  This includes during active play on the courts.  No exceptions will be made to this policy.  Those not wearing masks will be denied entry to facilities.  Improper mask usage may subject players, coaches, or teams to sanctions, including verbal warnings, delay warnings, and loss of points in a match.

If you are sick, stay home.  If you have experienced any symptoms in the last 14 days - such as cough, fever, shortness of breath, etc. - or are experiencing those symptoms now, stay home.  If you have had exposure or possible exposure to somebody who has tested positive, or if you have a pending test, stay home.

If you are considered a "high-risk" individual due to age or other preexisting conditions, we recommend that you do not attend.

If you do not wish to abide by the safety protocols we have in place, please do not attend our tournaments. 



To reduce congregations and gatherings, there will be no coaches meetings prior to play starting.  Please proceed straight to your courts upon arrival and prepare to play or work as assigned. 


As of 4/12 at 11:00 AM:  We do not anticipate the work team requirements listed below to change for the 4/18 Power League Qualifier (18s). 

- Up Official (R1)
- Down Official (R2)
- Two Line Judges
- One Scorekeeper
- One Person to do Flip Score & Operate Baller-TV iPad

Coaches at all age levels, in all divisions, at all facilities should plan to serve as the R1. 

We recommend the use of electronic whistles.  Should you choose to use a regular whistle, it must fit behind your mask and your mask must still be worn properly over the nose and mouth.

We recommend that line judges do not use flags, or that clubs supply their own.  If flags are used, they must be sanitized between uses. 

Scorekeepers will be filling out a modified, simplified scoresheet (different from standard USAV scoresheet).  This is being done to save time and make matches run more efficiently.  Scorekeepers should provide their own writing utensils, or sanitize common-use utensils between each use.

Please be conscious of spacing at the scoretable, touch points, etc.


All participants should bring their own personal water bottles.  It is also recommended that participants bring their own sanitizer, such as lotion, gel, or wipes.  Teams are responsible for providing their own warm-up balls.


In an effort to keep all facilities on time and to ensure we have time to do any necessary cleaning and sanitizing between waves, the following protocol will be in place for matches in Power League until further notice.  We will evaluate these as we go through the season.  These are subject to change:

- Best 2-of-3 sets - capped at 27 and 17
- 2-minute set intervals (instead of 3)
- 1 coin flip per match - team serving to start set 1 serves to start set 3
- No switching sides between sets or in set 3
- 1 time out per team, per set


Power League will be played in wave formats this year.  This means that, as of now, we are planning on each team playing 3 matches in a 4-team pool (most likely) then being done for the day.  There will be no "crossovers" after pool play. 

In case of odd numbers in Power League, the CEVA office will format tournaments so each team is guaranteed as many playable sets as possible.  This may include 3-set guarantees in each match, or playing a crossover against an adjacent court (this would only consist of 1-2 crossovers).  These matches would still fit in the structure of the assigned wave and would not make for a longer day.

Go to wave formatting, with no crossovers, has several logistical advantages.  This includes spending less time in an enclosed environment.  It also means CEVA has more access to facilities in case we need flexibility and increases our per-court capacity.  In a normal day, we would budget for 4 teams per court.  This format allows us to budget for 8 teams per court (4 teams in 2 waves).  This allows more kids to play in fewer facilities.

The CEVA office will work as hard as possible to keep teams local to their area and reduce travel times.  However, facility availability is challenging when the majority of facility owners (especially schools) are not renting to outside entities.  Our goal is to give kids the chance to play however possible and wherever possible.  Please be flexible and adaptable as we work to provide these opportunities.  We are grateful to the private facilities who have partnered with us this season to make tournaments take place.


CEVA will not post paper copies of pool sheets, brackets, schedules, etc. at Power League.  This is being done to reduce our impact on the environment, reduce congregations, and make our tournaments more efficient.  All schedules and results will be posted exclusively on AES.


As of 3/31, spectators will not be permitted at CEVA-owned events until further notice.

Our priority is to get kids on the court.  All of our facilities are still under some type of capacity restriction.  Spectators in facilities count against those capacities and reduce the ability for more kids to be playing. 

CEVA has announced a partnership with BallerTV.  Read more about the partnership here.  We are working to integrate BallerTV into Power League. 

Our current plan is to stream in all Power League facilities.  This may change, with or without notice.  In any facilities, if parents or other team personnel wish to set up a camera to stream matches, they should ensure the proper equipment and instructions are given to a rostered adult who will be permitted in the facility.  Non-rostered adults or personnel will not be permitted in facilities.