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The tentative plan is to split Power League into two "tiers" of play.  The top tier - called Power League 1 - will have a finite capacity and will be designed for higher-level teams (generally those teams who would be in the Platinum, Gold, or Silver Divisions).  This tier of PL would operate independently of the other "tiers" and would always play in the same place (ideally, this will be in Portland).  We anticipate this level having between 16-32 teams in it, depending on facilities.  If more teams register than we can accommodate, the Junior Girls Committee will make decisions on who is accepted into PL1.

The second tier of Power League - called Power League 2 - will be split into "Area Leagues."  We anticipate having at least a "Northern" and "Southern" area league.  We are working on also creating a Central Oregon league and a SW Washington area league, depending on facility availability.  The goal with these leagues is to keep teams more localized so travel demands in the midst of a pandemic are reduced. 

Clubs will sign up for their desired PL tier in advance during their registration process.  If more teams sign up for Power League 1 than capacity allows, the Junior Girls Committee would be tasked with determining who gets into that tier initially.  The tentative plan is to have a mechanism in place whereby the highest-rated team from each PL2 "Area League" would move up to the top Power League tier, however this is not finalized.

As of now, we have no Power League play scheduled over MLK weekend or Presidents Day weekend.  We do not anticipate that changing.

CONFIRMED teams - 16/18 divisions


Please ensure you understand how PL will be structured this year by reading the information on this page and on our Season Info page. 

The deadline for registration in 16s/18s Power League has passed.  However, if you have teams you'd like to still register, or changes to an existing PL registration, please e-mail the CEVA office.

Do not register for Power League in AES.

12s & 14s divisions will begin registration in late January.

For the latest information on Power League for the 2020-2021 season, please visit our Season Information page.  This page will show a tentative PL schedule, registration dates, activation dates, and more.


Entry fees for the 16s/18s Power League are $600.00 per team.  These fees will be invoiced to each club and invoices will not be sent until tournaments can begin.