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We know that for the time being, face masks are part of the "new normal" we're all experiencing.  This fundraiser gives you a chance to not only stock up on face masks for a very reasonable price, but also to support CEVA's efforts to help more student-athletes participate in our sport.

These face masks are all hand made by a group of very dedicated CEVA officials and tournament directors, all of whom are donating their time, energy, and efforts to this cause. 

All net proceeds, above the basic costs of materials, will go directly into CEVA's #VolleyTheChange Scholarship Fund, to help student-athletes in need with their club dues in upcoming club seasons. 

We know that a number of our families and communities have experienced financial hardships during these uncertain times, but we also know those families still want to be able to provide opportunities for their children to play.  Your purchase will go directly toward helping those families in need. 

The first round of masks are scheduled to be finished in mid-August.  If you have a large order, or wish to order a variety of colors or sizes, please e-mail us or call our office at (503) 644-7468 between 9:00-3:00, Monday through Friday.

New - we also have a selection of extra-small masks for kids.  Please e-mail us if you're interested in ordering this size.

1 mask = $5.25
4 masks = $20.00
shipping = $1.25 per order