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Get Ready For Tryouts

By CEVA, 10/23/21, 9:30AM PDT


Tryouts can be stressful for participants and clubs.  Organizing yourself prior to tryouts can help make the process smoother for everybody.  Take a look at some of these tips:

1) Athletes – get your tryout membership done.  Go to to complete your membership purchase process.  Download your membership card to your phone for easy accessibility.  If you make a team, go back to this page after you commit to upgrade your tryout membership to a full-season membership (you'll walk through the same purchase process).

Remember:  The fee you pay to a club to try out is different than purchasing your CEVA membership.  These are two separate things, and the CEVA membership can be done ahead of time using the link above. 

2) Print out a medical release form, fill it out, and have it ready to bring to tryouts.  If you plan to attend multiple tryouts, make multiple copies of the same completed form.  Find the form on our Documents page –

3) Athletes & families – do your homework ahead of time.  Many clubs hold tryouts at the same time on the same day – you need to have a good idea what your priorities are for tryouts.  Reach out to club directors in advance and ask any questions you need answered.  Remember – CEVA doesn’t control what time clubs hold tryouts at and cannot prevent conflicts between tryouts held at the same times.  We only mandate what day tryouts may start.

4) Athletes & families – read the Letter of Commitment (on our Documents page) and understand what you’re going to be asked to sign if you commit to a team.  There may be club-specific contracts you need to sign as well. 

Club directors – fill out our Tryout Information Form online so we can post your information on the website (if any of your previously-submitted information has changed, please let us know so we can update it).  If you need a certificate of insurance, you can request that through our website as well – go to

Additionally, club directors need to make sure coaches and all adult personnel assisting at tryouts have memberships and eligibility requirements complete.  Make sure you have enough coaches and staff to make tryouts an efficient and easy process. 

After tryouts, clubs who still need players can contact our office to post their needs online.  Check out our Clubs Seeking Players page for the information we’ll need to post a helpful solicitation. 

Call our office at (503) 644-7468 or e-mail for any assistance.


Published 10/23/2021