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CEVA Announces Tryout Dates

By CEVA, 09/16/20, 8:45AM PDT


CEVA has announced that tryout dates for the 2020-2021 season will be held in early December.  These dates were determined on Monday by the CEVA Junior Girls Committee. 

Athletes who are defined as 15-years-old or older (15s, 16s, 17s, 18s) may begin tryouts on Saturday, December 5th. 

Athletes who are defined as 14-years-old or younger (14s, 13s, 12s, 11s, 10s) may begin tryouts on Saturday, December 12th.

Athletes who may wish to seek an age waiver, in conjunction with their club, must try out with their USAV-defined age group prior to seeking the waiver.

Tentatively, Power League is scheduled to begin on Sunday, January 3rd for the older age divisions.  The 16s and 18s divisions would each have two Power League dates, scheduled primarily on Sundays, through February 21st. 

Power League for the 12s and 14s is tentatively scheduled to begin on Sunday, February 28th.  There would be no prohibition on younger teams playing in other events prior to their Power League season beginning.  For example, these teams may play in club-hosted tournaments in January or earlier in February. 

The end of the season is fluid at this time, however members can anticipate a later end to the season in 2021 compared to a traditional year.  As of now, CEVA does not plan to end the season any later than the second weekend in June. 

CEVA is currently constructing a preseason schedule based on the tryout dates and will work diligently to announce registration dates and other pertinent deadlines by October 1st. 

Dates, times, and deadlines should be considered tentative.  While we feel it is important to build toward these dates and to give clubs & members metrics by which to plan, we are cognizant that circumstances are ever-changing and will require flexibility and adaptability from everybody.