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CEVA Announces Changes To 2020-2021 Calendar Model

By CEVA, 08/19/20, 4:45PM PDT


Consultations between the CEVA staff, CEVA Board of Directors, and CEVA Junior Girls’ Committee have led to a number of decisions being made regarding logistics and scheduling of the 2020-2021 season. 

The main driver of these decisions is facility access.  Approximately 80-90% of our club programs rely on access to school gyms for practices, tryouts, and tournaments.  With a number of school districts throughout our region remaining closed for the foreseeable future, gyms likely will not be available and maintaining a traditional scheduling model would put a number of programs at a fundamental disadvantage.

CEVA’s administration continues to be in contact with numerous stakeholders as decisions are made.  It is important to emphasize schedules, calendars, and logistics remain fluid and are subject to change.  Please continue to monitor CEVA’s website and social media for the latest information.

Sanctioning & Insurance
There is no prohibition on activities within this statement or general CEVA guidelines.  Clubs who wish to engage in programming at this time may do so.  Clubs wishing to sanction their programming through our office may request such sanctioning by completing the applicable sanctioning form on the "Docs/Forms" section of this website.  Sanctioning will be granted to clubs whose events meet the most stringent health and safety guidelines in place in the locality where the event is taking place. 

Starting September 1st, with the beginning of the new USA Volleyball season, CEVA will be sanctioning camps, clinics, and leagues.  CEVA is also working with USA Volleyball to develop a low-cost membership for the new season that will allow participation at a much cheaper rate than a full-season membership.  This new membership could be upgraded to a full membership later. 

This level of sanctioning for events has never been in place in our region prior to this season. 

Tryout Dates
The previously-announced tryout start dates of November 1st and November 15th will be delayed.  New start dates have not been set by the Junior Girls’ Committee at this time.  The group continues to monitor circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, school district schedules throughout the region, and overall health and safety protocols.  CEVA’s Junior Girls’ Committee meets on a monthly basis and this topic will be revisited at their September meeting.

CEVA Friendship Tournament (December 12-13)
The CEVA Friendship Tournament, originally scheduled for December 12-13, is going to be postponed.  While no makeup date for the event has been announced, CEVA will make every effort to make up this playing opportunity, along with others, in the upcoming season. 

Power League Schedule For 2021
Based on both the OSAA and WIAA moving high school volleyball to the Spring, CEVA has developed a new scheduling model that will be used for planning purposes going into the 2021 Power League season.  Any dates and concepts listed here should be considered tentative and are subject to change with or without notice.

Specific playing dates for particular age groups will be announced at a later date.  However, below are the basic concepts CEVA is using to plan Power League for 2021:

  • 16s/18s would be split into two Power League segments – one starting prior to high school season, and one after high school season.  Segment 1 would run from early January to late February.  Segment 2 would begin in mid-May.
  • 12s/14s Power League would run during the high school season.  First Power League event would tentatively be scheduled for late February.
  • All age divisions would conclude at approximately the same time – likely between late May and mid-June.
  • The biggest age groups (14s and 16s) would be split into two distinct groups to reduce facility need.  How this “split” happens has not been determined and will be examined closer to the season.  Possible factors could include geographic location, level of competition, and overall registration numbers.
  • At this time, CEVA is only looking at playing Power Leagues on Sundays due to facility access, staffing availability, and conflicts with other sports.
  • CEVA would not schedule Power Leagues on weekends typically reserved for larger events, including MLK weekend, Presidents Day weekend, Mothers’ Day weekend, and Memorial Day weekend.  At this time, CEVA also does not plan to schedule Power League on the high school state championship weekends.
  • When an age division is not playing Power League, they could still play in club-hosted tournaments or other events sanctioned by USAV and/or CEVA.  For example, while 12s/14s PL may not start until late February, those ages could have club-hosted tournaments running in January or earlier in February.  There would be no prohibition on practice or competition outside a defined Power League season.
  • The end of the season in May/June is fluid and not solidified at this time.  We are conscious of potential conflicts with graduations, Summer vacations, holidays, college camp/enrollment dates, and national events.
  • Dates of CEVA’s major events, including Regional Championships and the Bid Tournament, will be announced at a later time.

As a reminder – everything is subject to change.  These are concepts and the fluidity of the current situation not only with sports, but with the pandemic we all are facing, makes planning challenging.  CEVA remains cognizant of working toward equal opportunities for everybody, and recognizes the importance of school-based facilities to so many of our programs.

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