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CEVA Prepares To Implement Phase 1 of DEI Action Plan

By CEVA, 07/15/20, 1:15PM PDT


In conjunction with the CEVA Board of Directors and the CEVA Diversity & Inclusion Committee, our region is moving into Phase 1 of our DEI Action Plan.  This will allow us to actively begin working on numerous projects and initiatives designed to promote real change within our region and our community.

Phase 1 of the plan is not all-encompassing.  There are still more concepts being vetted by the staff and those conversations will continue at the next Board meeting on August 10th.  These concepts, once fully vetted and approved, will be announced with the launch of Phase 2 of this plan.

The DEI Action Plan has been formulated through numerous conversations amongst our staff, Board members, committee members, stakeholders, and within our community.  Our region recognizes the need for action in this critical time. 

The items we will be working on in Phase 1 of the DEI Action Plan include the following:

  • Adding specific anti-racist/anti-discrimination language to our Parent/Spectator Code of Conduct.
  • Actively recruit BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, & People of Color) individuals to serve on the CEVA Board of Directors and the CEVA Finance Committee.
  • Requiring annual DEI training for CEVA Tournament Directors and CEVA Head Officials, focused on recognizing racism or discriminatory behavior and de-escalation.
  • Formalizing an annual equipment grant program, starting in 2021, to get volleyball equipment in the hands of clubs and schools who are most in need.
  • Development of a grant program to send a minority coach to a USAV CAP Clinic as well as the AVCA Convention.
  • Development of a support & mentorship program for minority coaches and club directors.
  • In conjunction with club directors, actively seeking out the voices and thoughts of minority student-athletes in our region, sharing those thoughts with our membership, and using those thoughts to improve our programming.  Additionally, sharing the thoughts of prominent athletes, collegiate players, and others who have already willing published their thoughts, writings, or ideas.
  • Coordinating a tournament in recognition of Juneteenth, Pride Month, or both, and directing the proceeds from that tournament to the #VTC Scholarship Fund.
  • Providing educational material in CEVA’s monthly newsletters (starting in September) and in the Participant & Spectator Guide at Regionals.
  • Coordinating opportunities for minority coaches to network with collegiate or other high-level coaches for opportunities, mentorship, and education.
  • Development of a donation campaign to the #VTC Scholarship Fund.
  • Requiring annual DEI training for CEVA office staff.
  • Creating more versions of the #VTC logo, amplifying the branding of our campaign.
  • Creating more electronic and physical collateral for members and clubs to access.
  • Continuing to enhance the #VTC resources on our website.

As noted, this list represents only initiatives contained in Phase 1 of our plan.  Our goal in Phase 2 is to introduce community-based initiatives that bring more opportunities to those in underserved populations and communities.  We also hope to expand on some of the Phase 1 initiatives as we delve into further conversations with our partners and stakeholders.

Hawthorne Bridge - Portland, OR (Photo Credit: Eric Baetscher)