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CEVA Statement On Recent Events

By CEVA, 05/30/20, 9:15PM PDT


We have been disheartened, angered, and saddened by the tragic deaths of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Breonna Taylor in Louisville, and the many other needless deaths of black people in recent memory.  This is a disturbing, long-running trend in America.  We stand in solidarity with the black community not only in this time of crisis, but always. 

We take immense pride in the platform we have to influence change in our community and the world.  We are not just a volleyball organization – we are a member of the community and wish to contribute to the overall well-being however possible. 

In this moment, we recognize the need for change.  We recognize the years-long oppression, the societal disadvantages, and the stigmas faced by minorities and people of color.  Racism has no part in civilized society, and the fact we are still seeing it in 2020 is beyond comprehension. 

However, in the midst of tragedy, we believe opportunity can be found.  We have a chance to try and heal deep-seated divides.  We have a chance to make this a more loving world.  We have a chance to reach out to others with empathy and support.  We recognize the opportunity for all of us to do more to bring about equality, and our organization will pledge to be at the forefront of the effort.  We will continue to be an organization committed to inclusivity, safety, and meaningful understanding.

Now is the time to come together for change.  Let us not miss this opportunity. 



Photo credit:  PRSSA