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SafeSport Changes In 2019-2020

By Cody March, 10/04/19, 10:00AM PDT


Learn About New Policies For Adults & Minors

USAV has implemented a number of changes to their SafeSport policy, effective for the 2019-2020 season.  Club Directors and parents need to be aware of these changes and educate their members about compliance.  

The biggest change is that as soon as an athlete turns 18-years-old, they are required to take SafeSport Core Training.  There is no grace period for this.  Athletes who turn 18 without the training will be ineligible to participate until training is complete.  This includes participation in tryouts.  

Athletes may take the Core Training as a 17-year-old by having their parents complete a consent form with USAV.  Once the consent form is complete, USAV will load SafeSport into the athlete's USAV Academy account.  

The other big change is a new requirement making SafeSport an annual requirement for everybody who would be ordinarily required to take it (i.e. coaches, club directors, etc).  Check your Webpoint profile to see when your SafeSport certification expires.  Members who took the 90-minute Core Training last year will likely only need to take the 10-minute Refresher Training Course to update their certification.  

Also, all administrators must take SafeSport.  This includes Board members within clubs, and those who may not have regular access to athletes, but still work within the club.  This also requires administrators to take a USAV membership (can be a Limited Adult Membership if they are not a coach).

Please contact the CEVA office with any questions you may have about SafeSport.  For more SafeSport resources, including for parents and kids, please visit the USAV SafeSport website.