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joining & expectations


The Board of Directors oversees all aspects of the region.  Made up of 12 individuals, the Board has fiduciary and legal responsibility for the well-being of the organization and supervises the Executive Director. 

The Board is made up of 7 member-elected representatives and 5 board-elected representatives (also known as At-Large members).  Member-elected positions serve a two-year term, and board-elected positions serve one-year terms.  Members may serve four consecutive years before leaving the Board for at least one year. 

The Board has four officers - President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer - that make up the Executive Committee.  Officers are chosen by their fellow Board members and serve for one year.

The Board meets approximately every 6-8 weeks, generally on Mondays, and meetings usually last about 2 hours.  While there are responsibilities outside of regular meetings, members should expect to spend, minimally, 1-2 hours per week on region-related duties (depending on committee and project responsibilities)


In the Board of Directors election, slated to open on May 23, 2022, the following positions will be up for election:

Adult Representative
Junior Boys' Representative
Geographic Representative

The Junior Boys' Representative and Geographic Representative will not have an incumbent and will need to be selected from the membership.  The current office-holder of the Adult Representative position is eligible to run for re-election.

The election will run between May 23rd and June 6th.  All full adult members of the region are eligible to vote and will receive a link to a ballot via e-mail.


As of July 1, 2022 - there will be two At-Large positions open on the Board of Directors.  Applications to fill these positions are being accepted now through the self-nomination process outlined on this page.

At-Large selections are typically made at the first BOD meeting of a new fiscal year, but vacancies can be filled any time if they happen in the middle of a year.  At-Large nominations are accepted throughout the year and are forwarded to the N/E Committee.  If no vacancies exist at the time the nomination is received, the candidate's information is kept on file and the candidate may be contacted if a vacancy happens.


Junior Girls' Rep - chair of the Junior Girls' Committee, which is responsible for maintaining and developing policies and procedures surrounding junior girls' programming.  Focuses on growth, development of events, and expansion of opportunities.

Junior Boys' Rep - chair of the Junior Boys' Committee, which drives programming and policies for the junior boys' programming in CEVA.  Focused on grassroots development and overall growth.

Adult Rep - chair of the Adult Committee, which develops and implements playing opportunities for adult volleyball (all types).  Focused on event development, management, and growth. 

Officials' Rep - chair of the Officials' Committee and responsible for being a voice for officials, scorekeepers, and all independent contractors on the Board.  Should have experience as a CEVA official.

Diversity & Inclusion Rep - responsible for development and implementation of best practices to ensure CEVA creates an environment free from discrimination & inclusion.  Chair of the CEVA D&I Committee. 

Geographic Rep - responsible for being a voice for rural and isolated clubs in the CEVA region, including those from Central Oregon, Eastern Oregon, Southern Oregon, and other under-represented areas. 

Parent Rep - the liaison between the Board, the full-time staff, and the parents and families of players in the region.  Responsible for gathering feedback, suggestions, and ideas from their constituency and bringing it back to the BOD for consideration. 

At-Large - come from various constituencies and areas, and are selected based on skills, needs, and contributions to the overall Board.  The focus is on bringing professional expertise (i.e., legal background, non-profit experience, financial acumen) to the Board to enhance the vision and direction of the region.


If you're interested in serving on the Board of Directors or one of our committees, please fill out a self-nomination form.  Self-nominations for At-Large BOD positions, as well as committee positions, are accepted at any time.  If there are not openings, the applicant's information will be kept on file.  Self-nominations for member-elected BOD positions are accepted only in the fiscal year in which those positions will be chosen.  Prior to submission of an application, please read the BOD/Committee Member Expectations Agreement. 

Self-nomination forms for the Spring 2022 general election are due by 3:00 PM on April 1.

Also included on this page is a summary of the process by which each application is vetted. 

See the committee information at the bottom of the page to view current openings, job responsibilities, and time commitments.


Members of the Board and committees are expected to attend regularly-scheduled meetings, per the stipulations in the Member Expectations document linked on this page.  Each meeting has a virtual option (Zoom) and in-person attendance is not necessarily a requirement to fulfill the commitment. 



Currently no openings.  

Concerned with budgets and overall financial operations.  Must include a member of the D&I Committee.  Chaired by the Board Treasurer.  Meets more frequently in late Winter & Spring to develop budgets for the following year.


Currently no openings.

Mainly responsible for addressing appeals filed by a member who has received a sanction.  Does not meet outside of formal appeals hearings unless necessary. 


Currently no openings.

Responsible for developing and maintaining policies & procedures surrounding junior girls' programming in the region.  Emphasis on ensuring small and rural clubs are represented equally.  Must include an official & actively seeks independent contractor input.  Meets approximately every 6 weeks, on weeknights, for 1-2 hours each meeting.  Members responsible for gathering feedback and ideas outside of formal meeting settings.


Currently 2 openings.

Responsible for the growth and development of junior boys' volleyball in the region.  Members are expected to bring ideas for grassroots programming and building events.  Committee meets approximately every 6 weeks and members should expect to spend time outside of meetings working to further grow the game.


Currently 3 openings.

Responsible for the grassroots development and growth of the adult volleyball community in the region, including event management.  Members should expect to play an active role in building and running tournaments when scheduled.  Committee actively seeks members not tied to junior clubs when possible.


Currently no openings.

Committee is charged with developing and maintaining policies for the Officials' Division within CEVA.  Working closely with the office staff, the committee oversees operations within the officials' cadre.  Includes the region's Referee Chair and Scorekeeping Chair.  Should include officials from various USAV ratings.  Members will spend time outside of meetings helping to recruit and grow the cadre.


Applications continuously accepted.

The committee is responsible for development and implementation of best practices to ensure the region is creating an inclusive and safe environment for all participants.  Members will be asked to participate in philanthropic and engagement opportunities outside of committee meetings, including on weekends.


Currently 3 openings.

Committee is responsible for recruiting and vetting potential candidates for the Board of Directors and standing committees.  Also responsible for coordination of the general election process each Spring (in conjunction with the office).  Members should expect to be tasked with recruitment and networking outside of meetings.  Must include three non-Board members.


If interested - e-mail

This committee is looking for ways to increase the region's presence in the outdoor and beach games.  The eventual goal is to establish a formalized competition series in partnership with existing beach promoters to expand the game.  The group meets approximately every 6-8 weeks.


If interested - e-mail

Newly-formed committee focused on fundraising, grant-seeking, sponsorship acquisition, and scholarship fund oversight.  Led by the Executive Director, the committee will focus on increasing and diversifying income streams for the region to further bolster our operational, programming, and diversity & inclusion efforts.  Committee will have 3-5 members.