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CEVA seeks to partner with schools, community-based organizations, and other youth-centric programs to get new and lightly-used volleyball equipment into the hands of kids free of charge.  

Preferred Partners

  • Elementary, middle, and high schools in the CEVA region, particularly Title I schools.
  • Community organizations that serve youth, such as after-school programs, camps, etc.
  • Non-profit youth-centric organizations.
  • Small, rural, or non-profit CEVA clubs.

Available Equipment Options

  • Baden SoftLight Youth Volleyballs - designed especially for young volleyball players just learning the game.  (Allotment of 12 balls - limit one allotment per application)  
  • Baden Light Microfiber Volleyballs - designed for 12s or younger indoor play and developing volleyball players.  (Allotment of 6 balls.)
  • Baden Perfection Leather Volleyballs - designed for indoor play with players 13 and older.  (Allotment of 6 balls - limit one allotment per application)  
  • Sports Imports poles, pads, nets, and referee stands.  


  • Available below on this page.
  • Available until all equipment is distributed.
  • Will be vetted by the CEVA staff and members of the CEVA Diversity & Inclusion Committee.  
  • Will ask for the number of youth served by your program and their demographics (e.g., how many identify as minorities).


Equipment Grant Program
Cody March - Executive Director

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