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Our organization will be accountable to our customers, and our staff & Board will be accountable to each other to ensure the organization is moving in a positive and forward-thinking direction.  All clubs will be held accountable for compliance with both regional and national policies. 

Our organization will strive to become more efficient in all areas of operations, and will work diligently to ensure our customers are treated to the most efficient ways of working within our structure.

Our organization will seek to create a safe and welcoming environment for anybody to participate in our sport.  We welcome members from all walks of life and believe that our sport should break down barriers and bring people closer together.

Our organization will seek new and creative opportunities to give back to the community.  The organization will be a driver of positive change and use its platform for the betterment of all.

Our organization will continuously ensure the safety of all participants by demanding strict adherence to USA Volleyball, national, regional, and local guidelines.

Our organization will conduct business in an open, honest, and accessible manner.  We will set clear goals and expectations for ourselves and our constituents.   


The Columbia Empire Volleyball Association (CEVA) values the principles of diversity and inclusion and encourages all of our member clubs and participants to do the same. We will promote these values in our organizational culture and programming.

CEVA believes our membership should focus on athletes, coaches, officials and parents’ skill sets, work ethic and competitive spirit, not their race, sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

CEVA strives to create an environment that is free from discrimination or exclusion based on race, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliations, or other personal attributes. We also seek to end bullying, cyber-bullying, hazing, harassment, and offensive conduct in all forms. These are actions that are not consummate with our organizational philosophy, nor with the culture we will create in our region.

CEVA will seek to implement policies and programming to help educate our membership about these values, and we will encourage all participants in our programs to display these values both on and off the court. 


The Columbia Empire Volleyball Association believes everybody should be treated with dignity and respect.  CEVA maintains this statement to both facilitate and encourage the participation of transgender, gender non-binary, and intersex individuals in our events.

CEVA prohibits any form of discrimination on the basis of gender identity or gender expression.

Our organization will stand with the many who identify as transgender, gender non-binary, or intersex.  While we recognize certain policies must be followed pertaining to competition in our sport, we also fundamentally oppose any regulations that invade on the privacy rights of those who identify as transgender, gender non-binary, or intersex.  We also recognize, and appreciate, that gender identity is not a simple matter for many.

Teammates, coaches, and staff should refer to transgender, gender non-binary, and intersex individuals by their preferred name.  Additionally, pronoun references should reflect the person’s gender or pronoun preferences.

Transgender, gender non-binary, and intersex people make up our families, our friends, our team members, our coaches, our club directors, and so many others who are the fabric of what CEVA is.

Anybody who wants to be part of our events will be welcomed.  CEVA recognizes that a diverse and inclusive culture must be at the heart of who and what we are.  We, as an organization, will remain at the forefront of this cause.