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This tournament is intended for teams who wish to compete for a bid to USAV Girls' National Championships.  The 18s Nationals will be held April 23-25 in Columbus, OH.  The 11-17s Nationals begin at the end of June and are held in Las Vegas, NV (different age groups play on different dates).  Clubs should only register teams for this event if they are intending to participate in these National events.

12s-17s DATES
11s - No Tournament
12s - Sunday, April 25, 2021
13s/14s - Saturday, April 24, 2021
15s/16s - Sunday, May 2, 2021
17s - Saturday, May 1, 2021

12s, 17s will be capped at 4 teams per division.
14s & 16s will be capped at 8 teams per division.
13s will have 3 teams participating.
15s will have 5 teams participating

Posted as we know them or as we get close to finalization.  Subject to change:

12s Division:  Corban University (Salem) - 8:00 AM
13s Division:  Corban University (Salem) - 9:00 AM
14s Division:  The Hoop (Salem) - 8:00 AM
15s Division:  G3 Sports (Corvallis) - 8:00 AM
16s Division:  Yamhill-Carlton HS (Yamhill) - 8:00 AM
17s Division:  G3 Sports (Corvallis) - 8:00 AM

Junior Handbook requirements indicate that the highest ranked 4 or 8 teams in Power League (depending on the age group) will qualify for the Bid Tournament.  With our schedule this year, it may mean a quick turnaround for a handful of teams.  Our office will notify teams as soon as possible when they have earned their qualification. 

12s Division:  All teams who registered by the deadline have qualified for the Bid Tournament and have been notified.

13s Division:  All teams who registered by the deadline have qualified for the Bid Tournament and have been notified.

14s Division:  Teams who have qualified for the bid tournament have been notified of their acceptance into the event, based on their results from 14s Power League Qualifier on 4/10.

15s Division:  Top 5 seeds in Power League have qualified.  The 5 confirmed teams have been notified of their qualification.

16s Division:  All 8 teams have been mathematically determined and will not change regardless of results in PL1 on 5/1.  These 8 teams have been notified of their qualification.

17s Division:  All 4 teams have been determined and have been registered via AES for the event.  Those teams have received notification through AES of their acceptance.

12s and 17s will play a 4-team standard pool, with the two top finishers in the pool earning bids.  14s & 16s will play a modified double-elimination bracket as outlined in the Junior Girls Handbook.  The 13s will play a 3-team pool due to the number of teams registered.  All pool play will have tie-breaking sets played if necessary.  The 15s will play a 5-team pool.

Entry fees will be $150 per team for the 3- or 4-team divisions, and $200 per team for the 8-team divisions.  Entry fees will be invoiced to clubs by the CEVA office once it is determined which teams qualify as part of the April billing cycle.

Teams are obligated to accept a bid should they earn it.  In the event a team earns a higher bid at a later date or already has a higher bid, an earned/accepted bid at this tournament will trickle-down to the next highest finisher.  Accepted bids may still trickle down.  Teams who do not earn a bid at our Bid Tournament will be placed on a waiting list to accept a trickle-down in-region bid later in the year.  The waiting list will be populated in order of finish (i.e., the third place team in the Bid Tournament will be the first team on the waiting list to earn a trickle-down bid)



Several rules modifications normally in place for CEVA Power League will not be in place for the CEVA Bid Tournaments.  These are summarized below:

- Teams will receive 2 time outs per set (not 1, as in PL).
- Set intervals will be 3 minutes (not 2, as in PL).
- The regular USAV scoresheet will be used.
- There will be a coin flip prior to set 3.
- There will be no point caps on sets

Teams will still not switch sides of the court at any time during a match.

A rostered adult must serve as the R2 if one is not provided.


View the results of the 18s Bid Tournament in AES here.