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CEVA will award grants to coaches from the region who wish to attend the AVCA Convention.  The 2021 AVCA Convention runs from December 15-18 in Columbus, OH – in conjunction with the NCAA Division 1 Women’s Final Four.  Grants will be for a minimum of $500.00.  Applicants are responsible for ensuring receipt of grant money for this purpose does not conflict or violate any rules/policies they are subject to in their coaching or professional associations (i.e., NCAA rules).  Funds may be used for convention and seminar registration and travel costs.  Grant winners will be gifted a complimentary one-year membership to the AVCA by the region.

Read the full release about the grant program here.

Preference for this grant will be given to coaches from diverse populations, coaches who have never attended the convention before, coaches who participate in CEVA’s youth clinic series in Portland, and/or coaches who primarily serve an under-served or underrepresented demographic.  None of these factors will be used to solely decide a grant winner.  Coaches must be current members of the CEVA region and have eligibility requirements complete. 


Clubs will nominate individual coaches from their club to receive a grant, and funds will be distributed directly to the clubs (not individuals).  Applications will ask for information from both the coach and club director.



Grant applications are accepted via the online form below.  Please ensure you have read through the information on this page, the full grant information (on the PDF below) and have answers to the questions prepared, before accessing the grant application.


Grant applications will be available on September 1st via the CEVA website.  Applications are due by 3:00 PM on Friday, October 1st.  This includes the information outlined in the application form below.  If a grant is awarded, clubs will be notified no later than Friday, October 15th.


Questions regarding this grant may be submitted to Cody March by e-mail: