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Have a question about a rule?  See something at a tournament you want to know more about?  Interested in getting involved in officiating and not sure what your first step should be?  Let us know. 

If you're asking about a rule, an interpretation, or just want to understand more, we may answer your question and post that answer on our website for everybody's education.  This is meant for rules found in the USAV Rule Book.

This is not intended to be a place to ask about a CEVA-specific policy.  You may contact the office at


Question:  During the last tournament a coach said she could substitute any non-started for any player she wanted to repeatedly ... so 13 could sub for 12 and after 12 went back in 13 could then sub for another player (let's say 9) and after 9 went back in she could substitute 13 for 12 again ... I thought you could only substitute one player in each position, i.e., once 13 subs in for 12 that's the only position she can play for the set?

Answer:  For any sub, they can enter the game in only one position - referred to on the scoresheet as each position is listed by roman numerals 1-6 (I-VI).  When a player subs into that position (say roman numeral II) that is the ONLY position that they may sub in that set.  If they sub a third player into that same position that is acceptable, and they may exchange in any order as long as it is in the same position (roman numeral II).  If you have any further questions, please "ask the ref."


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