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CEVA (Columbia Empire Volleyball Association) is one of 40 regions of USA Volleyball. CEVA represents the state of Oregon and four counties in SW Washington offering playing opportunities for Junior Girls, Junior Boys and Adults.

Our Mission:

CEVA promotes, fosters and teaches life-long lessons through volleyball in Oregon and SW Washington. CEVA is dedicated to providing volleyball opportunities through high caliber programs, member services and community involvement.


On July 31, 1980 CEVA was incorporated under the Oregon Nonprofit Corporation Act. The first Executive Director of CEVA was Tom Becic. Tom Becic was also the first CEVA member to be elected to a USAV National office as the treasurer at the 1980 meetings.

The first teams to play in the USAV National Adult Championships from Oregon were the Portland downtown YMCA Men and the Northeast Portland YMCA Women in 1949 in Los Angeles. The Portland Men finished tied for 7th in the 1949 Championships. The first Oregon team to win the Open division in the Far West Championships was the Multnomah Athletic Club in 1976. The first CEVA senior players elected as Most Valuable Player in a USAV National Championship were Rich Leong in 1981 and Marlene Piper in 1983. In 1988, the CEVA Viking Volleyball Club brought home the first adult division championship in the USAV National Tournament held in Salt Lake City, Utah, led by their coach Jeff Mozzochi.

In international play within CEVA, Marlene Piper and Tom Swanson coached the first year of the Canadian-American (CAN-AM) Senior and Junior Championships in 1975. Among the teams participating were Alberta, British Columbia, Oregon and Washington. The first Oregon team to win the CAN-AM’s was in 1978, coached by Dick Soderquist and Rod Jones.

In Junior play, the first Junior CEVA Championships were held in 1975 and hosted by the club LOCO’s of Estacada. The first Junior team to win a championship at the Festival in Davis was Carl Neuburger’s Portland Volleyball Club 17 and under team in 1987.

At the first annual USAV Outdoor National Championship in San Jose, California, Keith Phillips and Tonya Fix-Ketcham won the Coed BB Gold Division, Gary Patch and Tamee Allen placed second in the Coed A Gold Division and Curtis Thorne and Russell Davis placed second in the Men’s AA Silver Division.

Portland has also sponsored several USAV National Tournaments. In 1968, the Portland YMCA hosted the National tournament, while the Multnomah Athletic Club in 1975 hosted the National AAU Tournament, co-sponsored the 1980 USAV Nationals with the CEVA, and also hosted the 1984 Coed National Championship. CEVA Region also hosted the Outdoor National Championships in 1995.



There are 40 regions of USA Volleyball, of which CEVA is one.  Each region has one representative that makes up the voting power of the Regional Volleyball Association Assembly (RVAA).  This body meets twice per year - generally in May and October.  Each region is usually represented by a Commissioner, Executive Director, or regional staff member.  CEVA's Executive Director is our regional rep.

This body meets over the span of 2-3 days to discuss policies, procedures, and best practices.  While they are generally not a policy-making body, they can make recommendations to the USAV Board, or USAV staff.  The group also makes decisions on insurance coverage, strategic planning issues, and other motions or questions.

The assembly has 9 standing committees, and each representative generally serves on 2-3 committees.  CEVA sits on the Insurance Committee and the SafeSport Committee.  The Insurance Committee makes recommendations to the National office regarding coverage in place for all of USAV's members, as well as each of USAV's regions.  The SafeSport Committee discusses and makes recommendations on specific SafeSport-related policies and procedures in USAV. 

The assembly also has a number of subcommittees and ad-hoc committees.  CEVA sits on the ad-hoc COVID-19 Committee and an insurance subcommittee.  CEVA also has representation on the RVAA Diversity & Inclusion Task Force.

Club directors or administrators who have issues they wish to be brought forward to the RVAA can contact the CEVA office.


The USAV Junior Assembly is a large group of representatives from each of the 40 regions dealing specifically with Junior Girls & Boys Volleyball in USAV.  Each region has 2 representatives - CEVA's representatives currently are the Executive Director and the Chair of the Junior Girls' Committee.

This group is also not specifically meant to be a policy-making body, but can forward recommendations to the RVAA and to USAV. 

Each representative also serves on at least 1 committee.  CEVA has representatives on the Elite Development Committee and the Sport Development Committee.  The Elite Development Committee focuses on developing best practices for High Performance programs, as well as educational programs that can be implemented throughout USAV.  The Sport Development Committee focuses on grassroots volleyball development as well as various competition issues. 

CEVA also has representation on a subcommittee of the Elite Development Committee, and this group focuses specifically on educational opportunities at large volleyball events throughout the US, such as USAV National Championships and the AVCA Convention.